– Proceedings of the symposium prepared according to the following rules,

  should be sent to tulog@aydin.edu.tr address until 30 of October 2017.

– Participation in the symposium is free of charge.

– Prepared Reports, should be prepared according to the last guide

   post of the Turkish Language Institution (TDK):

*Abstracts should consist of 200-300 words.

*The statement text should be prepared on A4 paper left and right 2.5 cm,

   by leaving a space of 2 cm from the bottom and 3 cm from the top.

*Turkish and English titles of the manuscript, in ‘Times New Roman’ font,

  all caps ’14 points’ size and bold with single line spacing, should be written so as to be centered on the page.

*Notification text font in ‘Times New Roman’ should be written with 12 size type.

*The institution of service and name of the owner of the manuscript,

  the bottom of the page ‘footnote’ must provide.

*Papers should not be previously published elsewhere or not to be submitted.

*Each abstract is limited to 15 minutes for the duration of the presentation.

  Presentations should be prepared considering this time.

*The papers prepared for the symposium which topics to be discussed must located

   under the title should include.

*The announcements presented in the symposium will be published and shared with related institutions.